Surprise Christian Church Updates

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Construction is starting! We should gather together...

Good Morning! As Drew announced last weekend we will be starting demolition in the building on Monday, January 11th. It is such an exciting time for Surprise Christian Church! As we build out the building it we will not be able to use it for gatherings, which makes this Sunday such an exciting day! Join us at 9:30 as we gather together for the last time until the building opens! I know you want to say you attended the last service in the shell of an old gym! Do not worry we will still bring you a great worship service every Sunday to glorify God as we work build out or new church building! To reserve your spot please follow this link:

If you are interested in helping with the demolition we will be having a meeting after service at 12:30, you do not need to attend service to attend the meeting. 

I hope to have a full house and to see you at the meeting, we cannot wait to get started!

Have a wonderful week,