Elementary January Week 3 - Blessing Are Gifts God Gives Us

Posted: 1/16/2022

Hey SCC Kids! 

I hope everyone had an awesome week! Do you remember what we've been learning about this month? We've been talking about gifts. Not birthday gifts or Christmas gifts, gifts from God! We have learned that God gives each of us special gifts and talents that we can share with others. Did you know there is another kind of gift God gives us? God gives us gifts everyday, we call them, "blessings." God knows we need cheering up sometimes so He sends us special blessings. A lot of things in life can be considered a blessing. Your family, a sunny day, a sweet friend, anything that makes you happy is a blessing! Blessings are gifts God gives us to show us how much He loves us. You can share your blessings with others and share God's love! How can you share blessings with others this week?

You are all blessings in my life and I am so grateful to God for each and every one of you! I love you SCC Kids and God loves you so much too! Have a wonderful, blessed week!


Ms. Brandy